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ZR rated tire (?)

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If you have ZR rated tires what psi do you have your tire set.

If possible state the tire and the maximum psi too.

I have Goodyear F1 GS D3 215/55/16ZR
psi. = 42on all tires
max = 51psi
After what happened yesturday i'm figuring that I may lower that number to 32.
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I am running a Maxxis MA-Z1 Victra 225/40/ZR18 and i am running on about 40 PSI. the max is 50 PSI. Hope that helps
you have any info from any tire manufactor about what is recommended tire pressure to set. 50 seems high 40 seems about right but 32 seems low. Im just confused on where it should be.
i have mine at 34. I try to keep mine as close to the car manufacturer's recommendation as possible.
I had those same tyres on my previous car and ran then around 33-34 psi and they were fantastic.
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