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Incase anyone was interested or may be upgrading lights soon id thought id share...



Very easy to install, same thing as any other bulb ( but im sure you know )
Sucks having big hands to install

Unscrew case
unscew bulb
screw bulb
scew case


Bulbs look nicer in than Amber eye sores they are brighter and deff. look nicer no doubt about it.

Ebay member:

try and avoide this member if possible took over 2 weeks to ship to me doesnt respond to any messages or call back Opened up adispute and got paypal involved still did not answer but finally shipped them to me. Really annoying (has alot of bad feedback regarding shipping time/responding to members)

Good bulbs bad ebay member.


besides the fact the lights sounded like they have somthing loose inside, none as of yet


Looks nicer,

Pictures to come, if people want to see them.

***inb4 "thoes are illegal"

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Re: Xtec LED's - (quick review)

[quote author=blkhack link=topic=134041.msg2881867#msg2881867 date=1232598384]
i wanna see some pics, are these for the turn signals?? so are white turn signals legal or not?

Depending on the state... It should be ok.

I heard most states requirements are anything but red, blue, and green. At least that's the way it is in my state Michigan. Some states neons are illegal too.
example- In michigan.. it's not illegal to have but illegal to drive with.

Yellows are ok... even strobing yellows... etc... but anything blue, red, or green is illegal for sure.

**pics taken on phone so i can get better quality later on.

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Re: Xtec LED's - (quick review)

welcome to canada home of the cool lights in the kool lights in the front :) *ha ha were allowed

Parking lights

(20) A motor vehicle, other than a commercial motor vehicle, while standing upon a highway at the times that lights are required by this section for the vehicle may, in lieu of the lighting equipment specified in this section, show one light carried on the left side of the vehicle in such a manner as to be clearly visible to the front and rear for a distance of at least sixty metres and to show white to the front and red to the rear of the vehicle; provided that the light shall not be displayed while the motor vehicle is in motion. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 62 (20).

so since parking light = turn signal ∴ we are allowed!
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