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Im all about waiting myself, but my time is winding down. I need to have my car sorted for my first event in april. hell, I still need to decide what class im running. While trying to figure out who is selling what, i made a small list that doesnt include everything... yet

acording to what companies have said they are developing and what has been developed...

-Exhaust system (dp? cat back? tbe? no specifics yet)
-Engine bushings
-chasis Bracing

Turbo XS:
-Intake (SR so far)

-Intake (cai or sr, not determined yet)

-catback (if proven useful)

-BOV stuff
-"Standback" piggyback/interceptor/whatever kind of tuning solution it is!

-various chasis bracing

feel free to add to the list if you know things Ive left off.

Apparently, CPE shortcut their original plan of tuning the MS6 first. They're still coming out with a product for the 6 shortly, but have already installed and dynoed a tuning solution on the MS3. No details yet, but they say they've learned a lot about the car. Prices thrown up against the wall were $500 for hard-wired and $700 for PnP.
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