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Hey all,

I am anxiously waiting for some tuning mods for my MS3. The XEDE looks like it works according to some posters on this site. I would hate to take a risk and be sorry later... I have pre-ordered the CPE CAI from StreetUnit and will be installing the HKS BOV as well. Not too sure on the exhaust yet, some say it may not make a big difference. Also considering a larger TMIC or even a FMIC if available.

Basically I am asking for some knowledgeable opinions about the XEDE and Cobb products....Wait or not?

I am in the process of a wheel upgrade O.Z. Ultraleggera 18x8, +48mm offset with 225/40/18 BFG KDW2, seeing I have already scuffed a wheel. Now they will be snows...

I am sooooo freaking impatient...someone give me some advice and hope:)

I am at work on light duty (basically sitting around) surfing the web for parts for my favorite toy...used to be my boat but the MS3 is now the one!

Joe in RI
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