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I noticed that on a fs thread, that a guy with a silver 3 had these wheels on there car, and I liked the look a lot. I would like to sell just the rims, no tires, because I should be getting new tires soon with my next service. So the only thing I would like to get is nice RX-8 wheels for an even trade. One of my rims only has a rash on them. Its about 4 inches long, not noticeable unless you really look. The only problem I have, since the only wheels I have are on the car, would for you to come to my work and get them unmounted and balanced, which I would be willing to pay for to have them. I am only looking for someone local unless you are commited to coming here to Mechanicsville, VA to do the exchange.

Sorry for the dirty rims, had them cleaned about 2 weeks ago, just the brake dust is such a pain to keep off them and it has been too cold lately for me to clean them. The marks thats that you see on the rims are just dirt, I rubbed them off after I took the picture.

This is what they look like when they were clean
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