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WTB: Stock grille emblem

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I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter if it's a sedan/hatch or what year. Not all that concerned about condition either--unless it's hacked up pretty bad--since I'm planning on painting it. So yeah, if you've gone to an aftermarket grille and don't have a use for the emblem off your stocker, let me know.

Thanks :)
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hey, I bought an aftermarket grille, it suppose that I get it in this week so I can sell you the stock grille of my hatch 2004. If you intrested? let me know.
still need that emblem?
Possibly. I just PM'd another member about his, but let me know what you want for it... maybe you'll have a better price ;)
haha well.. uhh...have anything to trade???
Hmm... As far as car stuff goes, I've got a couple of small assorted mazdaspeed, mazda3, and mazda logo stickers, a radioshack ground loop isolator... umm... anything in particular or general you're looking for? I've got tons of stuff that might make a suitable trade for that emblem if you had something in mind
.... I've got cash too, if my stickers aren't good enough! :p
sorry for the delayed response, was out of town for a while. How about $10 shipped? (for an emblem used for only 4 months)
You've got a deal :)

PM me with your paypal info, and I'll hook you up
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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