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WTB - spline drive / "tuner" lugs

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i should have just picked some up off of cc when i bought his rims...

in any case, i'd like to buy some new or used spline drive / tuner style lug nuts, obviously with a 12 X 1.50 thread pitch. i need these to mount my rims and i'd like them rather quickly if possible. my colour preferences are as follows (if it matters):

1. red
2. black
3. silver
4. no blue

ebay is going to kill me for shipping (most want $20 or so to canada) and if you live in canada and want to sell me some, that's a bonus.

as a side note, i've been trying to find some good places in canada that sell some nice red anodized lugs in this style but i'm coming up short on the website dept. if anyone can recommend a place, i'm all ears.

thanks. pm me offers or post 'em up here if you like.
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I got mine at - black Gorilla keyed spline drive - maybe the shipping wont be an assraping.
I really dislike spline drives, I've had the keys strip on me which really blows. Make sure you go with a common spline size like 6 spline instead of 7 spline.
cool, i may just pony up the dough for some rays since i'm so balla. haha.


i looked at summitracing as well. not bad but still... i dunno.
just go to a local tire shop and order them. you wont have to pay shipping.
i don't really have a "local tire shop", i've got shops that sell tires, if you catch my drift.
indeed! you can lock this too!

thanks again, bean.
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