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WTB: OEM Grille for an i Sedan Mazda3

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I'm looking for an OEM grille for my 2008 Mazda3i Sedan. I lost my original in the process of prototyping for an open-mouth and I want to have an OEM one as a filler for the meantime and just in case to put back on later down the road. The black honeycomb mesh with chrome strip was what I had, but a black honeycomb with Galaxy Grey Mica strip would work just as well.

Thanks a lot!

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i have one. buts its off an 06' and doesnt have the chrome or color matched stripe, just all black with the chrome logo
it will not fit.....

only 04-06 i models will fit those years

and only 07-09 i models will fit those years.

fail :(
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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