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[quote author=beyondink link=topic=137395.msg2962089#msg2962089 date=1235619250]
I am looking for a set of springs. Prefer Eibach pro kit, but will entertain any... only looking for a 1" drop and good ride...
if you have seen any deals please point me to them!! thanks!!

Also looking for a OEM MAzdaspeed3 Shift boot and steering wheel :)

Also I am looking for a Proclip for my Ipod. I have the Grom Integration unit so it needs to work with that. Anyone know where I can get the whole set up on line? Needs to be somewhere that accepts paypal as Proclip does not. Could go the Kuda route, but what is good to hook the Ipod to?

are you interested in the stock mazdaspeed spring with the camber kit?

pm please.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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