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WTB: Double Din Dash Kit

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If any one has one (custom made or otherwise) please let me know.

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interested too....isn't there a rumor of one being created by some company?
yeah metra is making one . They should be out in a month or so , or at least thats what i've heard
yea i cant justify paying 150 for a piece of plastic :shock:
thanks for the help though!

any update on metras double-din? in the mean time ive got a scosche din kit that i cut up and ghetto rigged lol.
ugh...yeh, saw that ebay one as well. that really is a ridiculous price. but I guess lacking an's all demand and no supply.

I miss my 350z had a stock slot for the nav (like our 3s) that made installing a screen SOOOOO easy.
if there was enough interest i would modify the single dash kits for people at pretty much no extra cost. but i dont think its gonna be worth it cause metra is allegedly coming out with a double-din kit this month
well, they didnt do it and it's the middle of february... im just gunna modify the metra single
Here's a link for another topic concerning the double din kit from metra . i guess people are actually emailing metra , not sure when production is though but I'd rather wait for the proper kit or get the speedline one , anyways heres the link
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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