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Would this be a scam?

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Received this message through my email the other day with regards to a post I had written as you will see in the header.

What I find strange that nowhere can I find this on my Mazda page, not even in the Conversations format, I have been a member on Tractor Forum since 2015 and if someone writes to you, this is recorded so you can follow up, I cannot find this post, nor can I find the Avatar named, so would this be considered a scam??.

Spammer's imaged deleted.
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SCAM. Shoddy grammar and an obvious scammer email address.
That is what I thought, thank you for confirming VWandDodge.
Yeah, a spammer, I dropped the Ban Hammer on the account shortly after it signed up, but apparently I didn't catch it quick enough. Sorry about that.
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