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Worst Luck with Angel Eyes

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So this is already my second issue with my angel eyes. My first time installing them, I had them all set up and ready to go after several tests. Then when I turned on my car to see them on, one of rings blew out. So finally I got another to replace this one. So I placed it in there and everything was working fine for a couple days. Then another ring looked like it went out. I checked the connection, and wiggled the wires and it would turn on for a little then shut off. I would unplug one ring and plug the non working ring back in and it would turn on, as soon as I would plug the other ring back in it would turn off again. I just tried switching out the ballasts but that didnt even work. It looks as if its just a faulty ring that I have to replace. Is there anything else this could be where I would not have to replace the ring???
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had a similar issue.. i changed the connectors on the D.C. side of the inverter..

also start the car and give them some time to warm up
I've had mine on for almost 2 years and I've had similar issues.

Usually one or two of the rings are dimmer sometimes...sometimes on fully...sometimes it does take a while for the rings to warm up, they'll be dim and then get to full brightness after a couple mins, especially when it rains or after washing the car.

For my install I fully siliconed all connections including around the ballasts/inverters too, just to make sure everything's I've come to accept it :x ...they still look awesome though :)
Yea sometimes they take awhile to warm up. Lately though, One of the rings wont turn on, when i fiddle with the wire, unplug it and then plug it back in, then it will turn on. Does this mean there could be a fault in the wire to the ring since I already replaced my ballasts? I would think that would be my problem?
to everyone: have you installed the angel eyes by yourself? I think it would be good if you get a professional to install it. The wiring is a little difficult. I'm actually getting the guys from G.A.S. (the guys from pimp my ride) to get mine done. They've installed many of these even on American cars. I see other people's comments and they were fine with there angel eyes. Including this person that lives in a snowy area.
Angel eyes are pretty easy to install for a beginner.
if you've wired a sound system you can wire angel eyes
I installed my own, the install is pretty simple but just time consuming.....I just feel like I have the worst luck and Im starting to feel that these rings by apexcone are poor quality.....but I could be wrong and just have bad luck haha
Mine is doing the same kind of thing, I got them installed a few days ago, and the worked fine for about 2 days, and now the one highbeamring only lights up on the two ends, and is VERY dim. I switched connections... nothing, switched ballasts... nothing, and now im stuck with 3 rings (not even going to use them) untill i hear back from dabears.
I got the same problem and im in the process of returning mine to Dabears2k for the second time now...
lol... i just f'ed mine up today... errrr... so now i got to get a new ring... crap, that mean i got to uninstall my front bumper, undue my head light, re-install the new dde, etc...
I just hooked mine up to my parking lights, I didn't need to wire anything through the fuses, and I was afraid to burn anything out.
[quote author=dacaperz link=topic=137083.msg3003607#msg3003607 date=1237440213]
I just hooked mine up to my parking lights, I didn't need to wire anything through the fuses, and I was afraid to burn anything out.
that's how i wired mine, too...
Yah, they extra switch is unnecessary, why have so many switches when you can just have one. I've seen people blow out the lights or their fuses. So, just putting it through the parking lights is safer.
It could be a loose connection or a bad ground. Be sure to double check all your wiring before you put yourself through too much unnecessary spending and work.
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