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i just got another mazda 3 :).. So that means i have TWO SEXI CARS :D

My 2005 Hatch 5speed GT 2.3L

and my 2004 Mazda3 Sedan Titan Grey :D! with only 80,00km got it for 8000 5 speed soo fun to drive :D 2L

i might post up some pics soon :D!
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haha i will :D i have to take them... But BTW
lol my hatchback needs fenders hood bumper rad brake's new front suspension and a fix the frame.... i was out like 3 weeks ago at my friends and i parked on the street, like 2hours later the cops come an every thing.. i find out some douche bag killed my hatch.( no one was hurt). the motor is fine so is the trany.... but yea once insurance fix's my car iam seeling that broken crap and i might buy a new one hatch.. :(.. i miss my hatch<< :(

But yea ill get pics of my sedan.. the hatch is at some shop i will get it in about 1 month or sooo due to the damage...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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