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Two nights in a row I have attempted to get in my car and start it, with no luck. It has all power to it (lights/windows/fans/etc...doesn't appear to be a batter issue/not dim). But you turn the key, all is silent.

I read on another forum someone had this problem, and they held the key in the start up position for about 15 seconds, and it would start. I tried this last night after no luck with other attempts, and after holding they key about 20 seconds, it would start.

It started up after this just fine, acted fine, etc. Started up throughout the day again just fine. But leaving the grocery store this evening, it wouldn't start. Held the key this time more like 20-30 seconds, and it finally started.

Any experience with this/any ideas?

2007 Cx-7 approx 56k miles.
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