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My windshield is developing a very nice crack these days, since I received a rock on the highway a few weeks ago. At first it was only 6-7 inches long, so I wanted to wait for springtime to fix it, but it has grown to a respectable 30 inches now, and is right in my line of sight. Annoying as hell.

Lebeau Auto glass won't repair it, since MZ3 Sport windshields are unavailable to them these days (the car is too new).

My Mazda dealer (Albi, Mascouche) wants $890, parts, labor and taxes included to replace my windshield. Do you guys think this is a fair price?

I do have insurance, but I don't want my rates to go up if I have a "real" claim to make before the end of this year because of that stupid windshield. Am I crazy to be willing to pay this repair myself, and not claim it?
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