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windshield wiper arm broken, where to buy replacement?

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i need the part number for the driver side wiper arm. the groves are worn off where it connects to the spindel. anyway we have the passenger side wiper put on the drivers side now and are needing a new arm for the drivers side. anybody know the part number and/or how much this will cost. also is there a place that we can get this from other than the mazda dealer?

thanks in advance
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While I can't help you with a part number, besides the advice to google it, I would say try salvage yards or eBay. I just got a salvaged rim for my husbands 2006 Cobalt SS for $55 on eBay. (It was over $200 every place else!)

Call around. Search for salvage yards in your area and look at the sites. A lot of times you can search your inventory from your computer!

Goooood luck!
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