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Windshield Nozzle LED's

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Does anyone have them?
are they worth it?
are they legal (in texas) ?
Ive always thought they looked cool :D
rice or nice?
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Even I with lots of interior LED's and underbody LED'S will not do this mod.

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your opinion doesnt matter!
anyone else


haha thanks man ;]
[quote author=texasplayer link=topic=138393.msg2982536#msg2982536 date=1236567301]
your opinion doesnt matter!
anyone else


haha thanks man ;]

Honestly the first thing I think of when I see nozzles lit up is a Honda or an Acura.

Also might be hard to find nozzles thay spray good and are lit up.

It just seems to me it will be one more thing to make a car stand out to the local police at night.

With that said - Go for it!!!! :lol:

I am always saying do what you like and I hold true to that, but just speaking my mind.
Yeh just seems like its not worth the effort ;]
hey what do you know about laws on
I need a visual of these so called "led windshield nozzles"
[quote author=TEKWATCH link=topic=138393.msg2982511#msg2982511 date=1236566840]


yeah... the only reason i considered it
is cuz i saw it on a nice lookin Car (no ricey parts)
and it looked cool.
lol.... i hate those things with a passion. sorry dude just my opinion...
the pic posted reminds me of freakin back to the future. not classy!
omg please no....anything walmart is a nono to me when it comes to outside visuals
RICE!!! :thumbdown:
wow... im sorry!
There almost as bad as that
guy painting his side moldings black ;]

What does everyone know about
laws on underglow in texas?
the tube or light strip can't be visible under the car. it's ok to have them on while driving as long as it's not sweeping back and forth, pulsating, etc.
They've been rice for at least 10 years now. Ironically, I was sitting in traffic and looked behind me and saw an older Eclipse with some. Perfect car for the mod, well second to a clapped-out Civic.
Thank you so much i really appreciate the input Black mz3
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