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Will they fit...?

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Will a set of OEM 2006 16" Alloy Wheels fit on a Speed3?

I'm more worried about them not fitting over the brakes then anything else..

Please and Thanks.
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i want to say you have to have the 17's on an '06 S model (with the bigger brakes) but i don't know for sure.
from what i know and have seen from the people in quebec (ie winter rims), 17s clear the brakes. realy not sure about the 16s
i saw ppl say that 16's do fit the mazdaspeed3.
but 15's do not.

some guy said he did put them on and there may be some pics too.
Theres another thread in Wheel/Tires that had this pic, thanks whoever's it is..

Now that is a regular 3 hatch..

As you can see, the calipers barely clear..

Are the speed 3's brakes larger?
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i dont know if anyones done the stock 3 16s before. i know there have been reports of some 16" wheels fitting, and reports of them not fitting. even the ones that do fit, do so barely. the consensus is, its a crapshoot. i've got 17s for my winter set, and wouldn't wanna risk going any smaller.

yes, the speed3 brakes are bigger.
i wouldnt take the chance with them unless you can try to fit them before buying.

here are my 17" winter tires. you can see there is not much room.

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