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I am poor.

Lost my password to this account hence me making the ebay account above:


Mario Galaxy- $40
Sonic-$20 -Sold.
Rayman-$20 - Sold.
Resident Evil 4-$20
GC Resident Evil 4-$10


Mario Kart DS-$22
Viewtiful Joe-$22
Kirby Canvas Curse-$22
Madden 05-$8
Sonic Rush-$15
New Super Mario Bros.-$22
Fire Emblem-$20
Kingdom Hearts-$18

Take them all for $90 shipped.


Pentium Core e2180 @ 3GHz Rock Stable stock cooler, runs under 50c under load.
4x1GB (total of 4GB) Mushkin DDR2 800
Asus P5N-E SLI
EVGA 8800gt does 730/1740/1000 on stock cooler with fan set to 80%
Samsung Sata dvd burner
80GB sata 2 hard drive
Ultra Xfinity 500 watt SLI psu
Coolermaster Mystique Aluminum Case
Hanns-G 22" Hi221D Monitor, 5ms response
Stuff Ill throw in for free:
Brand new generic keyboard ooooohhh ahhh
Old Razer Pro 1.6 (white diamond back, still an amazing mouse)
Plantronics Gaming Headset
Logitech 2.1 Speakers
Crysis, Half Life Anthology (new!), Sin Episodes (new!), Lego Star Wars II
2x Logitech Wireless Controllers
And a bunch of other random games I have.

I built this maybe 3 weeks ago, runs crysis on close to all high settings at 1440x900 great.

$900 with 22" monitor, $700 without monitor. prefer local pick up/delivery.

For trades im looking for an xbox 360 atm.
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