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why does the hatchback has LED's and the sedan not?

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Hi everyone, i'm joined this forum today and come from the Netherlands. I am awaiting my Mazda 3 2 litre sedan (i get it in 2 weeks) but I have a question for U all; can you tell me why the hatchback has LED-(break)lights and the sedan hasn't? Is it a technical reason or........
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Neither has LED brake lights.

What your thinking of is the different trim models. The GX/i doesnt have the clear Altezza looking lights, they are stadard red. The GT/s does.

Oh all hatchbacks have the Altezza style lights too.
vaBooM, European-spec Mazda3 Hatch has LED taillight.

Ivo 2litre active, I don't think there is any technical reason that can explains why the LED is not available on the sedan. Keep in mind that the N/A market prefers the sedan, and european market prefers the Hatch.
btw. you should put your location in your profile. It helps a lot when answering questions because we know where you are from and there's differences in options between US, Canada and Europe. :wink:
Oh i was thinking he was in Canada.

All cars in Europe have LEDs... well generally.
Ivo 2litre active said:
I forgot to update my profile but now you can see where I'm from. In the Netherlands the top of the range Mazda3 (called 'ACTIVE') has got as hatchback LED rear lights. The sedan hasn't got these LED lights. Now my question is if anyone knows if that is done for a technical reason or that I maybe can replace my 'normal' lights with LED in my 2 litre active sedan. I think it looks great those LED on the new 3. :idea:
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