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Whoehoe, saw the Mazda3 today!

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It arrived at our dealers... our dealer has a Red hatchback with 15" alloys. Probably one of the cheapest versions, it also didn't had foglights at the front

Looked very good. The nose is a real eye-catcher..... but I still don't like the rear... the lights are too low, the bumper...well... not much of a bumper and the door is too round. But, the total 3 is a good looking thing. I will make some pics when I've got the time for it (will take a while..)
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Yey! Take pics please. We need NA-specific
But I'm in an intership period, so that means I have to work all day, so I have to do it in a weekend... I'll see what I can do
The NA version will have bigger bumpers, I'd assume.
Really. This topic is worthless without pics. j/k Get some when ever you can.
I'll see if I can drop by my dealer. They may be getting some in sometime soon.
Your model is the GX. The GS model comes with 16 Inches Alloy from the factory.

The GS has 16"alloys only w/Sp P. otherwise it's 15" alloys. Check
yes sure, but the GX model has 15 RIMS, not alloy.

Sorry for the confusion

doesn't the CDN Mazda 3 GX has steelies?
Or is that what's meant by 15" rims?
Rim needs a wheel cover
a Mag (also known as Alloy wheel) doesn't worth putting wheel covers on.

Anyone got a pic?

cuz all I know about are steelies (what my car has, which you put a hubcap on) and alloy rims.
****** A MUST READ ********

Bruno visited a Mazda dealer today in France and this is what he had to say - pics also available.
The first contact wasn't too positive while comparing everything to his current P5.
It's mostly critique about the interior.

Can't wait until Bruno does a test drive, though!!!
And today I went to another dealer;

- red hatchback with wheelcovers
- darkblue hatchback active (with bigger bumpers, you know what I mean)
- darkblue hatchback with 15" alloys
- lightblue (and I mean, VERY lightblue) sedan with wheelcovers

Sorry, no pics hihi
And what is your impression :?:
I still don't like the rear... the 'boot' is too big and not in the same kind of shark shape like the rest of the car.. but... in total it's a very nice car. Looks just good

The sedan looked stupid with that baby-blue (non metallic I'll quess) and the wheelcovers ;) But I couldn't really see the sedan from a right angle. It was in the showroom and not a very big one... btw; it has a giant logo!!! :(

The nose of the hatchback is great! Very impressive

Dash nice too, but hard materials :( Enough space in the rear
Someone I know went to the dealer to see the Mazda3..... and he díd made pics ;)

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