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Who has the Blitz Dual Turbo Timer??

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I'm looking at getting one, but I just saw a posting on ebay that says they only read in kpa and not psi. Is this true for all the blitz? and if so, does anyone know of another timer that incorporates a boost gauge?
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Yes, that's true for all the Blitz TT's. The HKS Type-1 has lots of features, but does not read boost. IIRC, no other TT will do that. You'll either have to learn the conversion or get something else to monitor boost.
i have the blitz. installed for about a year now. mine reads in bar and not psi. its really not hard to read. 1 bar = 14.7 once you know that your pretty good. plus there are plenty of conversion charts. plus it has an auto feature. it will calculate how much you are in boost and compare it to run time and then decide how long to let the car to run after you shut off. i like it first mod i did
Thanks for the info. I know I can do the conversions and what they are, I'm just lazy.....thats why im getting the timer. I'll just have to deal with the metric. $120 for a timer and boost gauge, you cant beat it.
I've had mine for almost two years without a problem. I just made a little chart that I keep if somebody else wants to know.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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