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Which of the following would be better

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First just wanted to say hello been lurking ever since I bought My 3 in October - great forum

Ive narrowed my rim selection down to 2 choices I like both, After reading all the usefull info on this site I think both will fit fine with the right tires
but I wanted some more experienced input.

Choice #1 Enkei EVO5 Specs = 17" 7"width 42 offset 5-114.3

Choice #2 TSW Volcanos = 17" 7"width 40 offset 5-114.3

I like both so I want the one that will fit better
If anyone has any input or has either of these rims I'd appreciate the feed back

Thanks in advance
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the enkei has the better offset.
Yes, either one will fit, but the Enkei's will fit better.
fitting is not an issue. offset doesn't determine fit.
Enkei FTW! I personaly hate the volcanos. But it is up to you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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