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i have the plain black stock grill--not the color one-and mine doesnt have the chrome stirp

im looking into this one

but the only problem is i do not have that top strip of chrome on the stock grill

then im looking into the billet grill...but i dont really want to keep the stock grill with it--should i keep the stock grill or get this|65:12|39:1|240:1318

also i would take any other suggestions

thanks :)

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[quote author=d22block link=topic=134606.msg2893879#msg2893879 date=1233084010]
its an 05

should i just get the billet on the bottom you think?

thoes are so ugly i gaged...

something tells me you have been talking with this guy

get ither one of the 2


**cant find a pic but lots of members here have it, its just got horizontal bars. similar to this but looks a lot nicer.
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