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Where to find Mazda 3 Scale model?

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Can someone tell me where i can i buy a mazda 3 4 door

scale model.
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There's some on ebay in certain colors,

$90 shipped seems a bit on the high side to me since it doesn't seem to be mind blowing quality, but I can't imagine many other die cast model companies will be making a mazda 3.
HAHA! If you go to the link and view the last picture...
Im pretty sure that the antenna that's in the bag is to scale...F'N HUGE!
I didn't notice that, it even needs it's own bag :lol:
I just bought this one - in Copper Red! (Guy only had winning blue at the time, but I said I wanted to wait for copper red)

Quality is excellent. It's quite heavy and very detailed right down to the interior and even carpeting in the boot (trunk for our American friends!)

It has suspension and the steering wheel actually turns the wheels! So very cool. I think it's actually a Mazda licensed product so quality is good.

And it arrived only days after I paid for it! Highly recommend this guy.

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Can someone tell me where i can i buy a mazda 3 4 door

scale model.
You can try sunshine plaza opposite NAFA.
I think i saw a shop that customise all car models.
Dont know the price though cos never made before.
:D :D
heh... its a 06 in Velocity Red :D... the wheels are wrong tho
Damnit. I need a hatchback. Specifically a Speed3 hatch. I don't care about the color, i'll repaint it myself if I have to.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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