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Great forum, lots of great info.

I have searched but couldn't really get any specific info on where is a good place for the shock sensor.

I had a CompuStar CM-1000 installed, MANY PROBLEMS.

The installer, finally managed to "adapt" the factory system and installed starter kill, after "putting to sleep" the factory immobilizer...4 appointments later.

Here the problem is that they told me they fixed the shock sensor issue because the alarm can not be set off at 6-7 /10 on the dial.

I called Computstar and tech advise 2-3 should do the job, if it is at 6 it should be really really sensitive.

They installer fixes this problem by setting it at 8.5 close to 9 /10. The alarm goes off if I WHACK the windows or slam the trunk...anything less will not set off the alarm.

This is the second shock sensor they installed (claimed), as the first one was defective at 6/10.

I gave it some thought and really I wish never to deal with this shop again.
They still need to update the alarm to a revised version because this one does not have MUTE OPTION working.

If I can move the shock sensor myself, or something...I will. With the forum's help.
I really do not want these guys (shop) messing around the Mazda 3 again. If they change the old brain with the revised...plug and play...OK. Anything else, the Mazda will be a GuineaPIGG for that installer.

The shock sensor is set at 8.5 / 10, and ziptied to the big wire loom from the steering wheel.
The sensor moves with the telescope of the steering column, normal???

Can this sensitivty problem be fixed by changing locations? Help anyone?

Thanks for reading all this, it is very frustrating as I love the car so much and to seem so helpless, letting it be "played" with again and again.


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sorry to hear about ur vehicle. I am not an expert car guy myself but i dont think the sensor shuld be mounted to the loom if the loom can move. My simple reasoning is because if the loom can move it can't absorb the shock properly. Kinda like a blade of grass in the wind, wont be disturbed if its so flexible. instead mount it to something solid like the chassis of the car somewhere. That way when the car gets bumped it really feels it, like a big tree gets hit in a tornado.

I'm not a real expert of any sort but i'm just trying to apply some logic to it. I know this place has a lot of great info as i have read a lot of the how to's and faqs but for some reason lately people haven't really been responding to tech questions. I posted for help and with so many views no one seemed to bother to help. Where are all the experts? are they just tired of helping us newbs out? lol

good luck!
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