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In March of 2004 I made a big mistake and traded my 3 hatch after owning it for only 3 weeks and putting on only 382 miles. After having several major problems with a Protege, buying a 3 seemed like a stupid decision at the time but was drawn in by its unique style and class leading performance and handling. Thinking I made a big mistake I purachased a Toyota Corolla S. The deal was easy and I lost no money because the dealer never saw a 3 and gave me top dollar to have it on their lot. When I left with my Corolla, I saw at least 4 saleman immediately take my 3 for a ride.
After 2 years of hell with the the mushy, loud, tinny Corolla which wasn't trouble free,I realized my mistake and purchased a 06 3s hatch identical to the 04 . This car is 10 times better than the Corolla.
I would like to know if my original 3 is in the area and how it is holding up if possible.
So if anyone purchased or knows someone who purchased a Sunlight Silver 3s hatch
manual with sunroof and cd changer option in March or later of 04 with about 400 miles on it in North Brunswick NJ please respond..
It would be interesting to know what happened..
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