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when do you replace feathered tires?

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2 of my tires are feathered prety bad, 2 others are feathered not so bad but still show abnormal wear. I got this issue taken care of by adjusting the toe back to where it should be but the "damage" was already done. Now my tires are super noise and I can see the feathering on the tires just by looking at them. Will these eventually wear back to normal since I got the toe corrected or will they stay the same? Or,, get worse?!
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They will not wear back to normal now that you have a good alignment. They will wear as they normally should which unfortunately for you will not do anything to help with your messed up tires.
guess i'm going to have to start researching a set of good tires now :) thanks for the fast reply!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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