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Cars have arrived in Houston. Many show up in dealer inventories via Mazda USA web site. I'll drive one with a manual gearbox on Friday.

I have driven the Fiesta with the Powershift auto. In "L" or sport mode, the twin clutch gearbox holds a lower gear and crisply shifts up and down as necessary. I suppose the paddle shifter will have to come from the aftermarket. Too bad Mazda doesn't offer a twin clutch gearbox for the 2. Hopefully this will come later. The Fiesta handled well and was fun to drive. But silly they don't offer the hatchback in the base model.


Awesome! Make sure and create a thread in the MZ2 Car Garage section. I'd love to see it :) Here's mine if you'd like to have a look (just uploaded some better pics). I picked it up on 08/08/2010. :arrow:
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