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When did you replace your OEM Tires?

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Well I want new tires.

I'm not sure if I need them quite yet, but I think I do.

I have an '06 I Touring with the 16 inchers. I've got about 9000 miles on it.

I checked the tire wear and there's about 4-5/32'' left, from what I can see.

When I compared this to tire sites, it tells me I shouldn't get below 4/32".

So here's the real question, When did you replace your OEM Tires?

I just need to show my dad that other people have replaced theirs this early so he'll buy them for me :D

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I replaced them around 10k miles when they were down to the wear markers. I wasn't very easy on them, and they wore like butter. These were the RSA's BTW.
I replaced mine at 17K. I didn't rotate them for 7K so the fronts showed much more wear than the rears. I was buying decent all seasons anyway, so I didn't care about uneven wear too much. If I religiously rotated them every 3K miles, they may have lasted for 20K.
I got 40k out of my RSA's. I didn't like them, but I couldn't justify buying new tires while these still had plenty of tread on them.
20k and I never rotated, and the fronts were showing lots of thread.
i am on medium i think on my toyo tires. 16".

I cant wait for mine to be done so i can buy some new rims/tires.
i had the toyo tires and i never rotated them, got 20k out of them and the back tires still had a decent amount of tread.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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