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when buying Rims, what is the most important to you?

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Price? (cheap and afforable, the more expensive, the better they are)
Weight? (lightest one plz...)
Style? (5 spokes, 6 spokes, 16"inch 19inch :roll: ...)
Color? (black, silver, chrom..etc)

What are the advantages of using Light weight rims?
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coffeesmurf said:
7 lbs / wheel (almost 1/3 of the weight less) probably makes a noticeable difference. But where does it start ? How much would the MZ3 suffer from having 25 lbs wheels ?
To answer this question you must first know how heavy are the wheels that you have now?

I had a nissan 240sx. it has similar hp and tourqe ratings to the mz3. The stock wheels with tires weighed in at 31lbs. I switched to a Rota slipstreem 16 wheel and (heavy but great grip) Falkin Azenis tires. The total loss was 7lbs per wheel. that is a total of 28lbs of rotationary weight. Now I was not sure if that would be a wash being that the tires were heavyer than the stock one's, and that weight is on the outside of the rotation. The result: The car launched ssooooooo much better, and stoped a lot faster too.

To answer your question...I would bet that you could start to feel it at 3lbs per wheel. anything before that and you are just tinking that you can feel it.

I once read in Sports Compact Car Magazine that for every pound that you take off of the wheels it is the same as taking 6lbs of static weight off the car. So if I took off 28lbs, then that is like kicking a 168lbs buddy out of the car before I race! Sweet!

Weight is everything for me! Then looks, then cost.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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