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when buying Rims, what is the most important to you?

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Price? (cheap and afforable, the more expensive, the better they are)
Weight? (lightest one plz...)
Style? (5 spokes, 6 spokes, 16"inch 19inch :roll: ...)
Color? (black, silver, chrom..etc)

What are the advantages of using Light weight rims?
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wmiller19 said:
I understand moment of inertia, but still don't see how it applies to your previous statement.

Are you saying that depending upon where the weight is distributed, i.e., more weight in the center vs. the rim itself can make a heavy wheel better? How? Rotational inertia will affect the suspension's articulation rate as a function of time, but other than that, I'm not following.

I don't need the simple explaination, go for it. :)
Moment of inertia is not a standard formula that can be applied to all wheels. because wheels have different designs this can change the way the mass is distributed, thus a different moment of inertia formulation.

Considering that the moment of inertia is what opposes rotational motion and force, this can have an effect on accelerations.

i.e. a wheel 3lbs lighter could have a higher moment of inertia by design than that of the wheel 3lbs heavier.

Now for my little rant:
Why someone wants to put on 40lbs bling bling 20"s on a 4 banger compact is beyond me. There is no better way to make you car slower than adding those rims.

As for me, the most important factors are: Construction > Weight > Price.
Sure there is no point driving on 8 lbs forged magnesium alloy rims on the street, but they're good for track.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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