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Wheel Locks

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Are these an absolute MUST? I don't plan on getting anything but factory things for the wheels.
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if your wheels are atleast 500/ea then do it. or if you live in a sketch neighborhood, do it.

but it still doesn't guarantee your wheels won't get jacked.
If you get 18" rims or bigger in chrome then i'd probably get locks. heh

Otherwise I don't think the rims our cars get are high on the "theft" list compared to bigger rims on SUVs and the like.

Check out light weight lug nuts too. Some are security AND will save you some weight + add style. :)
people will steal anything. just keep that in mind. also keep in mind that if they can't steal it, they might just destroy your ride. I have had it happen
I had a buddy who had 18 inch chrome wheels on his car, he went into a club in ny and came out and his car had all 4 wheels stolen.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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