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Two of the wheel studs on the rear of my RX-8 are messed up. One is stripped completely and the other one is loose. A mechanic told me that the hole where the stud was installed was too big, but when I took the tire, caliper, and brake disk off, it looks like the stud just pushed out from the hole, and the hub is actually ok.

My questions are:

1. Is there a way to replace the studs without removing the hub? The studs hit metal behind them and don't look like they will come out easily unless I remove the hub.

2. If I have to remove the hub, can it be removed without a press or special tool?

3. If I remove the hub, will the bearings come out with it, or can I remove just the hub and leave the bearings alone?

4. How much torque should be applied to axle nut when it is replaced?

Thank you very much!
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