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Well for my 18th birthday my parents are getting me a car and I want a mazda 3. They want me to get the sedan, but want the new mazdaspeed3. They think that insurance will be way too high for it though. Anyone know what the insurance difference might be?
P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. 1st post :D
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Welcome to the forum. Pls update your location on your profile.

Get the MS3 if
1. If your parents/you can afford the insurance of an 18yr old with a turbocharged car
2. Whoever's paying can afford the monthly payments on the car
3. Responsible enough to drive a powerful car at such a young age

Get the regular 3 if
1. It's gonna be your first car
2. You're paying for insurance and car payments
3. You're concerned about gas prices

It's fun to have a fast car, but if it's gonna suck all your money from all the payments that you have to sacrifice something in order to keep it, go with the cheaper car and save your money. cause you're gonna get something better when you do get the chance in the future. Good luck on your decision.
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[quote author=illusi0n link=topic=73706.msg1309257#msg1309257 date=1175617081]
Welllllll, I've actually had 4 jobs in the past few years. And no I havn't been fired from any, I just discovered I don't like making other people drinks or bagging groceries. Anyway, if I get the ms3 I would be paying for apart of it because it is more expensive. I just need to know if the insurance is drastically different. I mean I know I could do some of those easy mods I saw on this sight to the regular one, but you know, fast car would be fun.
P.S. No tickets, no accidents :D

Tickets and accidents are only part of the payment. Area where you live in, the car itself, and it's "history" (accidents, tickets, being modified), how long have you been driving and sometimes your grades play a part as well. My 17yr old brother has no tickets or accidents and only has a base RSX. My mom pays over $400/month for him- she told me she regrets getting that car for him cause she didn't know it would cost that much, but he wanted it. If she talked to me before getting the car, I would've told her what she was getting into- so lesson learned there. I can imagine how much she would be paying if he was crazy enough to get the car he initially wanted for his 1st car- the STI.

My 3's insurance wasn't too bad, I was paying $170 my 1st year (3's payments were $330), then went down to $140 my 2nd year of ownership. I now pay $120/mo for my S2000's insurance (car=$530/mo).

It's good to have money saved for later.
[quote author=pandastew link=topic=73706.msg1310115#msg1310115 date=1175637713]
turbo charged engine car and 18 years old male does not go well with your image in front of your insurance agent

actually it does- lots of commission for the insurance agent :)
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