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Well for my 18th birthday my parents are getting me a car and I want a mazda 3. They want me to get the sedan, but want the new mazdaspeed3. They think that insurance will be way too high for it though. Anyone know what the insurance difference might be?
P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. 1st post :D
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Welllllll, I've actually had 4 jobs in the past few years. And no I havn't been fired from any, I just discovered I don't like making other people drinks or bagging groceries. Anyway, if I get the ms3 I would be paying for apart of it because it is more expensive. I just need to know if the insurance is drastically different. I mean I know I could do some of those easy mods I saw on this sight to the regular one, but you know, fast car would be fun.
P.S. No tickets, no accidents :D
[quote author=stallionre link=topic=73706.msg1334892#msg1334892 date=1176510641]

I agree with your logic completely. Look at the accident ratings throughout the world. Most of the accidents are caused by people under 25. Kids to me love to go fast, then they lose control. Now mix that with drinking and racing. Someone will die.
No wonder why insurance rates are so high for everyone. Then you have those people who drive without it. If I was a parent, I would crack my kid for this. :)

eh hem,
Mad quote time.... you ready?
"I'll take responsibility for what i've done but not for who I am." NOFX
Woooooooooo that felt good. I am not one of those kids that mixes speed (not the drug) and alcohol and ends up killing people. I consider myself a very responsible driver. I consider a faster car as a way to get to the same speed you would get to in a slower car, but quicker. Moral of the story; not all teenagers are crazy speed freaks, (except kids in calabasas, anyone who lives in southern cali will know what i'm talking about :)) thats like saying every white dude in the 60's was a dirty racist. Sorry if all this sounds rude, but I freakin' hate everyone just assuming what type of driver you are based on age. But i've made my peace and I will continue down the path of righteousness. :klavergreg:
Well I gotta disagree with you on about 3 things, maybe 5.
First i'm 17 going on 18 in the summer, which of course will only lead to a more biased opinion against me. Second, I just found out that I won't even be insured on the car that I get, but rather on my mom's navigator(speed3 would be a helluva lot less for her anyway). Third, i'm paying for my own gas bro, this "spoiled ass" happens to have a pretty good job for someone my age and the speed3 beats the hell out of the mileage i'm getting now(even if I did have to pay for premium). Lastly, if you read my last post I say absolutely nothing about getting a speed3. Thats what I started the thread on, but I only replied because I find it irritating that every adult considers kids in the same light. When will I be old enough to actually be considered a good driver. 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, etc, etc. When do you get to the point when you can walk around proudly displaying a fast piece of machinery and people will go, "Yep, he's just the right age, he definitely won't do anything stupid." So heres a question to people who think they know at what age one becomes a good driver... Most people will say that five minutes isn't a very long time. Add a minute to the five and you get six. Most would just say "who cares six is only one more than five, whats the big deal." Add another minute and you get seven, most people would say "pfft, its only one more than six, who cares, its only one minute." So if you consider five minutes a short time, and six minutes a short time, and seven minutes a short time, in essence there is no difference between them. So the question is, when do you get to the point that a short time becomes a long time if your always just adding a minute?
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Well that is just splendid for you. Hmmm... where to start... Well I guess my first question would be... If you're parents offered to buy your first car for you, would you say no? Don't even think about saying no because that would just make you a fucking liar. I'm sorry, but people like you really piss me off. It's like you don't even realize that everyone is in a different situation. Let's take mine for instance... I live in the thousand oaks area about 40 minutes from L.A. There is NO public transportation anywhere near me. The closest bus stop is miles away from me, and I assure you that there ain't no taxis either. And why is it my fault that I have great parents that can and will and did buy me a car? Besides, where I live a mazda3 is considered low class. I got kids at my school driving brand new infiniti's, audi's, bmw's, acura's, lexus', evo's, sti's, rx8's, and there is at least one porche, and m3. And I DO NOT look down on those who do not have cars. I don't hang out with that rich crowd, I have a lot of friends that don't have cars. And then of course there is the FACT that I have never nor will I ever say that it was I who payed for my car. I don't really know where you got that from, I didn't know it was cool to claim you paid for your car. And LASTLY, the only thing that I want dropped in my lap is a hot blonde, but if a car just happens to land BESIDE me, then that is just fine too.

And thanks for the compliment sketchhawk.

And why won't this tread DIE!!!! I started it like 3 and a half months ago.
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