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Well for my 18th birthday my parents are getting me a car and I want a mazda 3. They want me to get the sedan, but want the new mazdaspeed3. They think that insurance will be way too high for it though. Anyone know what the insurance difference might be?
P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. 1st post :D
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let me ask you this? I am 18 and I have had 3 jobs to earn if you are still wandering whether or not you should get MS3 ask yourself this: do you have a job and know the value of money? because if you don't go get a job first and try feeling how much your parents have to pay and insurance and gas money. and if you do not have jobs, and you still feel my parents will easily take care of the expenses of the MS3 and decided its better to get MS3 since your parents is paying for everything, you are one fucked up kid.
turbo charged engine car and 18 years old male does not go well with your image in front of your insurance agent
haha get mazdaspeed 3 and get screwed by the insurance agent, or go for mazda3 with modded parts and get screwed by the dealership when checkup are due.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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