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What to get...

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Well for my 18th birthday my parents are getting me a car and I want a mazda 3. They want me to get the sedan, but want the new mazdaspeed3. They think that insurance will be way too high for it though. Anyone know what the insurance difference might be?
P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. 1st post :D
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You know what? At our age -im 19- we dream of having the fastest car, the coolest one... A MazdaSpeed3 would fullfill that for sure... However, think about reality. A friend of mine got a Focus ST -European hatchback sold in Mexico 5 cil. Turbo 225HP- and he was over-exicted when he got it. It is as cool as the Speed, but guess what? He spend all his money in insurance, fuel, and he has got some speeding tickets. Believe me, with engines like those, it is REALLY HARD NOT TO GO EACH TIME FASTER... Think about this: You buy the normal 2.3 hatch and you spend some REAL GOOD TIME in it.. You save some money, and when time comes you buy the fastest car you can afford, when you -and your responsability- are the required for that to happen. No offense, im also a dreaming guy, but put your feet on the floor and do something you will enjoy, without spending all your money and stressing youself afterwards... :goodjob:
judging by his avatar, he's got a white mz3... (which look great BTW)
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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