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What to do!

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Ok, well my warranty is gone and my motor is pretty much fucked so. What would you do? Find another motor like on ebay and just swap? Or have the current motor with exactly 10,004 miles on it, rebuilt? Now, I heard alot of things about my motor and so far, I came across one shop that made some sense. They said my car might of been running too lean and burn the end of the electro off my number 4 spark plug and caused a good bit of damage to my cyclinder. I had a leak down test performed today and my number 4 cylinder was leaking 25% more then the other 3 and the guy said my piston ring was damaged and possible my valve too. So, I'm having a shop look at my car wednesday. There going to perform another leak down test and there going to look up in the cylinder with a bore scope. Too try to see if theres any more damage. So, what would you guys and gals do?
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Where are u located? Pm me about your motor, I would build it.
I'm located in fort walton beach florida. Also, I found a motor on ebay but the guy wants to much for it, I'm tring to settle at 2500 dollars. Dam, that could of been upgraded fuel inj and fuel pump and new turbo, possible a new tmic, damit, lol.
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