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what size tires should i use???

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front 18 x 8.5
rear 19 x 9

what tire size do i use??? please help i really dont know
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What's the offset on the wheels? Assuming they're not insane, I would say... 235/40/18 in front and 235/35/19 in the back. You'll need to roll your fenders with wheels that wide for sure though.
offset is front 30 and rear +5

my car is widebody so it is not going to be a problem
+1 on the tire size Cali recommended.

Post pictures please!
Ah, with a widebody kit and width not being an issue at all, I would even go wider than my initial recommendations. 255/35/18 would be almost the exact same OD as stock (pretty much perfect match), and is a lot more aggressive. Then you can go with a 255/30/19 in the rear, also a near-perfect match for stock OD. Those are some baller expensive tires, though.
i got the size now..


now have to decide between
kumho ku31 or hankook k104
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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