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What should I do?

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Got $100 for my birthday from the parents. I really want eyelids, but am considering halo's or even a short shifter. What should I get?
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[quote author=roddy link=topic=69378.msg1204022#msg1204022 date=1171342828]
a savings accouont...

i vote halos
+1 on the halos
udont have enough for a SS, and for eyelids sure but u cant paint them, so i say save.
Out of those choices I would say eyelids.

Group Interest thread:

I wouldn't recommend halo's personally.

EDIT: If I were you, I would save up for HID's.
Halos look nice when you have HIDs I think. It would look a little tacky to me with just standard halogens. That's what I did atleast. I vote Eyelids!
Personally I think the Halo's look better with the halogens. They tend to just blend in with the HID's.

I couldn't get a good picture of the whole car too sunny out and had a lot of glare with my crappy cam. But you get the idea, the hids would be the same color as the DDE's

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Swinging towards ss, only need 30 bucks.

I can get painted eyelids for $95 without a discount.
[quote author=CopperHeadMazda link=topic=69378.msg1206352#msg1206352 date=1171427364]
Go colored halos!!!!



I would , but its not a guarunteed thing. I am not too patient when it comes to getting mods.
+1 halos without a doubt.
Sorry halos lose. Ordered the shifter. Anyone want the stock assembly?
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