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What kind of spark plugs will work with my 2004 mazda 3?

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i recently purchased some NGK Iridium IX (TR6IX stock no. 3689) for my 2004 mazda3 2.3l and when I compared them to the plugs I currently have in they did not look entirely the same. how do i tell if they actually work with my vehicle without actually ruining my car? amazon said that they worked but i'm uncertain about this. and if these are not correct, what should i be using? please help i need the car running smoothly again.
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Go to Rock Auto and search for Spark Plugs under the 2004 Mazda 3. Stock plugs are NGK*. I would recommend you
avoid gimicks like Irridium plugs or Platinum plugs. Oddities like those don't always play well with systems that weren't designed for them. Example: My 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L would not run right on Platinum plugs (rough w/ misfire on one cylinder). Many guys on the Dodge Forums never had an issue, while a few other guys had the same experience I had.
And, for the love of everything sacred, don't use Amazon for automotive purchases. Amazon is a schlockhouse. Stick with specialty sellers.

*Statement corrected for accuracy.
NGK Iridium IX's are wrong. You should exchange them for NGK OE Laser Iridiums instead. Part number ITR6F13 (NGK stock number 4477) is what you want. That is the actual original equipment plug on the 2004 Mazda3 with the 2.3.
I think you need:

The IX is a great plug for a performance import, it just will not last as long as the oem iridiums.
While spark plugs themselves and choosing them these days it actually simple, if your ignition system is in good to near factory specification most any spark plug will work. So for a daily driver consider your miles and the condition of the engine compartment. You would be surprised that the inexpensive spark plug will work just fine if all is in order. However,.... I prefer NGK but will use old school coppers in some engines (mostly for low cost and complete and easy adjustability of the gap) and unless you run an oscilloscope and see the wave form is no one can say exactly what the condition of their ignition system is. Most of the time if someone has a problem using a brand or type of spark plug and it does not work well it will be because there is less than a good ignition system shown by way of how the waveform is.
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