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what is your idle RPM for skyactiv 2.0

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hey guys new member here. I tuned my 2.0 manual 2014 mazda 3 using versatune.
it is noticeable! it doesn't make it a race car but for $250 US or $350 Canadian, it's worth it. it fixes my biggest issue with it which is the very laggy throttle response.

anyway, currently, while the car sits at idle, with AC off, the RPM is at around 500, and when AC is on it's at 700. either way inside the car is very quiet and comfortable.

when the AC is off though at 500 rpm I pop the hood and the engine is shaking/rocking back and forth. at 700 rpm it is super smooth.

was wondering what rpm your Mazda 3 with 2.0 skyactiv is usually at? it was 20 degrees celsius/68 degrees Fehrenheit and both AC and fan were off

thanks guys
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