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What is that? [AMB Light On]

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What is that thing on my stereo, it just appeared tonight out of nowhere and I couldn't find it in the manual........

It says AMB over the ---
Any ideas?

EDIT: Thread title :twisted:
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It shows the outside temperature, at least in Japan :( That is really weird it just appeared. I didn't notice this on the MZ3 I drove yesterday.

Maybe their is a wire or something that plugs into the back of the display, and you can run it to the outside to display the temp?**shrug**
so is that why it doesnt display anything, since there is probably no sensor, I have had the car for almost 1900 miles now, and it just appeared. How do i get it to work or how do i disable it?
AMB = ambient ?

but yeah......i think it shows outside temp

but then........i didnt think we had that in North American version of the mz3
maybe their is a way to get the sensor ordered from Japan, not sure.
all i know is that's freakin weird for it to just pop up out of nowhere.
yeah it stands for ambient temperature (outside temperature). This could be interesting, because obvously the computer is ready for a probe, but just doesn't have one. I'm curious if you can just pop in the module for the automatic climate control that we don't have here either. if you look at the audio install pictures it looks like the whole block that the three climate knobs are in just come out like a stereo would


haha jk :lol:
I was so happy to bring two threads together, now where can i get the sensor?
Wow... So it just came on, out of no where? I wish mine would do that. I'm at 2300 miles.. :)
i wonder if the plug for the autodim mirror sensor can be used with the plug for the AMB temp display.. you could still hook up the mirror and get the compass feature, but at least have the temp on the instrument panel display... do any of u think this is a possibility? or maybe even a replacement sensor for the rx-8 or mz6.
no one has any idea if this can be done?
I think the plug would need modification.

Don't forget, you still need a computer somewhere to understand the sensor. It is in the mirror, but may not have been build in NA dash units.
So the temp probe is in the rearview mirror? How does that work? I know at a restaurant I worked at we had a temp gun that could tell the temperature of a surface without touching it. While figuring out a way to install a Valentine 1 radar detector I noticed there is a decent sized gap between my headliner and my windshield, and also directly above the rear-view mirror there is a channel. Maybe there is a harness in the headliner.

EDIT: I meant the temp probe in the 6. Also, if I was building a car I would wire the probe to a central computer, or atleast a climate control computer. Therefore I don't think that the mirror would have anything more than a probe
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