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What have you done?!?!?!?!???

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I'm new to this forum and have just spent about 40 minutes reading posts.

I know there isn't much out yet in terms of aftermarket parts but i have read that there are a couple intakes floating around as well as exhaust systems. I want to know who has done what mods to their 3 and what they think of the gains in any. I don't care what the mods are, free ones like removing the intake resonator or aftermarket ones like intakes and such. Bring it!
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114 people have looked at this and not one of them have done a single performance mod? Is the 3 a car just for the LED washer squirter crowd or what?
keep looking mang....some ppl have done stuff....not really nething to do other than cosmetic mods.
I heave read a lot of posts, few of people telling about mods they have done. I just thought i'd start another post to see what ideas people had to offer...
There really not that much out there yet. Once AEM makes an intake everyone will have one haha.
yeah, there aren't too many mods to do yet. stubby antenna, tint, stereo. dunno.
I've seen those stubby antenas on e bay and they look much better than stoc. The problem is that in the pics they are all shown on VW's, does anyone have one, does is actually thread right in or is fabrication needed?
i have a stubby...its threaded perfect, you just screw it on.

but as far as my mods...all ive changed is the antenna to a stubby, changed the license plate cover and put the hoen replacement low beam & foglights in. not too exciting.
Look at my sig and you'll have a good idea what I have done. I have threads that speak of them if you search.
Here's a pic of my car, not so sure how well you will be able to see the antenna. It also has 35% tint, 20% on rear. When I took the picture the sun was shining, so the tint actually looks darker normally.

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vividmaz3 said:
this is my 3 if some of you havent seen it

Did you completely remove the springs? :lol:
no , i cut about 2 coiles from it cuz they didnt have springs when I did it. going to buy eibachs or stock springs when i sell it though, or trade it in.
conor said:
how bad is the ride? bouncy?
just as any other lowered car would ride. its the same.
just as any other lowered car would ride. its the same.
LOL! Yeah right, cutting your stock springs and a quality performance suspension set up are not even close to being the same. The fact is that cutting your springs is the WRONG way to lower any car. Cutting springs will result in inconsistant spring rates as well as weakening the springs. All quality aftermarket performance springs are designed to lower the car and increase spring rates designed to improve handling performance of the car. You should also use aftermarket struts designed to function with increased springs rates any time higher rate springs are used unless the OEM struts have adjustable valving already.
TX2000 said:
well i removed the intake rosonator and the stock muffler with a universal one
Who makes the parts you put on?
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