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What do you use on your dash?

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I'm looking at getting a 3 and wondered what some of you owners were using on your dash. I usually use Vinylex (like Armor All, but better), but wonder how it would work on the textured plastic on the 3. The plastic used on the center console around the cupholders isn't smooth either (BTW does this plastic scratch easily?). I was worried that the texture would make it really hard to apply the Vinylex evenly. Any thoughts?
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I'm not sure of the brand but it's a vinyl and leather treatment/polish and it worked great. Non-greasy and it left the surface shining. I think that I have a bottle of it around here somewhere, I'll have to find it and let you guys know.
I just tried the Turtle Wax 2001 in the place of the Zaino Plastic Polish (don't get me started on what that does to the dash), and it looks really nice. Non-greasy, smooth and oh, so deep a black. I can't wait to do the rest of the car with this stuff. I also can't believe that the Zaino stuff wasn't as good as the Turtle Wax stuff.
Why do people always think turtle wax products aren't as good just because the band has been around since my grandfather had a car. I trust turtle wax because they've been around so long more than these new, expensive, "hi-tech" things.
I'm not putting Turtle Wax down, simply saying that my experiences with exterior products has convinced me that Zaino is good stuff, so why don't they make a better product for the inside? Again, I love the stuff inside, it makes the black just look so nice. Outside, I am definitely sticking with Zaino.
I use Vinylex on my 3 and its looks real nice. I just apply it with a little circle foam sponge that you would use to apply wax with.
Here's another vote for a damp cloth with warm water. Protectants shouldn't be necessary. Swiffer works great too, especially around CD player and vents.
definately don't like the Armoral wipes, it made my dash a lint collector and now it is all greasy. I not super experienced in car detail stuff so I am either going to try Meguire's or Turtle wax. I like the idea of water though! cheapest stuff you can get!
Where do you find this Zaino stuff? i used the armor on my previous car...i guess i'll have to not use that anymore than...Is the armor car wipes bad too?

2004 mazda 3, LAvA Orange, loaded!!!
I use Simoniz products, it put the back parts really blacks, I love the look of that.
In talking with just about every uphoster I've ever conversed with, the answer has always been the same:

Mild soap and water - that's it.

Just some dawn diluted with water in a plain squeeze bottle. Spray on, wipe off.

If it is just dust, use a small detailing brush to brush off the dust.

Stay away from vinyl "conditioners" "cleaners" and such, especially anything made by Armor All. Armor All works by removing the top layer of whatever material you wipe it with. This makes the surface look look nice in the short term but promotes premature aging.
awe, crap...double post. How come there is no delete feature with this website like others similar to it have? Moderators?

the previous post is definitely the easiest and safest way to care for your dash. granted you want it to look factory fresh:) and not shiny. i just wanna add that the microfiber cloth/duster works well on your dash and interior plastics. if you have a hand vac or shop vac/with nozzle brush attachments... these makes cleaning the nook and crannies a breeze.. since it sucks the dust off your interior.

ps. having a tint and windshield shade should keep the UV from damaging your precious interior.. especially the ones with black as i do.
sweetdeath said:
I use Simoniz products, it put the back parts really blacks, I love the look of that.
:) I used the same Simoniz gel protectant on my 1993 Civic from 96 to 04, just sold the car and was complemented on the interior... buyer said the dash looked like new

(I'll post the name when I get home... its blue and has these "micro-bubbles" :oops: ... probably not even available anymore though
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