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What color to paint rims?

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im thinking about painting my stock rims like the darkest black--cuz i got 5% tints on the back

my 3 is strato blue
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I have a true red with 20% all the way around and I painted mine black. It looks boss!!
I'd suggest you paint your rims the same color as the rest of the wheel. It'd probably look odd to have the rims red but the center section of the wheels black for example...
i say you should powder coat them, and not paint them.
Strato+dark silver= :koolaid:

Heres the thing about painting rims.

If you are painting your stockers, if best that you DIY the project.

If you paint some aftermarkets, its best to do them right and go PC IMO.

I just did some restoring of RX8's and I wanted to PC, but the price was not in my range. So after research, I figured I can DIY the wheels. Check out my wheels on my thread below and you will see the results. Later on if Im not sick of them yet, I will PC them the same color I did.

GL and let us know what your decision is
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i say you should powder coat them, and not paint them.

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