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I am looking for two amps. 1 to drive my components and coaxs, and the other to drive the sub. I am going to go with Infinity Kappa for the comp. and coax, and Infinity Perfect for the sub. The comp. are rated at 90w RMS, the coax at 75w RMS, and the sub at 350rms. I want to keep my fading capabilities so I want a 4 channel for the comp. and coax., and then either a mono amp for the sub or a two channel that i can bridge. What brand can I get and what wattage should I be looking at that is decently priced?

Is it OK to overpower the speakers with say 125w per channel or should I try to stay at 75w per channel max because the coax are only rated that high?

I am going to buy all of this stuff but I want to make sure I get all of the right stuff. I have never really done this by myself before and am just looking for some direction.

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