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Okay, I just put blue turn signals on my car and I went into my car and turned on the Hazard lights to see what it looks like... I come back in the car and i turn the key 1 click and it says TEST 1 OK...TEST 2 OK...Then it goes on to display each thing on the LCD diffrently (Ferenheit sign, Air conditioning, etc etc. and ended with Celsius sign) ... I was like ok, weird (but whatever)
I turn the car on turn off the hazard lights, and now ever time I use the right turn signal the lcd flashes with the light. So like as i heart he turn signal go tic toc tic toc the LCD also goes on and of off on and off (same with the volume contro lighting etc)

Do you guys know why this would happend or how I could stop it?
Mayeb a way to reset the stereo?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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