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AWD V50 Features Haldex AWD System

The AWD variant V50 T5 has the latest generation Haldex AWD system, whose software is an integral part of the technology creating the vehicle dynamics which give the wanted youthful and modern sports-wagon characteristics.

Even though the AWD system is customized for V50 T5, the system shares most of the technology with other AWD systems from Haldex on other Volvo models.

"The T5 engine and AWD give the V50 model extremely enjoyable road manners", says Peter Ewerstrand, the project leader for the V50 and S40 programs, in a press release from Volvo. "Top class performance is combined with responsive, stable driving characteristics."

The new Volvo V50 will start selling in the first half of 2004. The AWD variant will, however, not be available at start but will be introduced later in the year.

The V50 T5 with Haldex AWD system complements the existing series of four-wheel-drive cars from Volvo - all with Haldex AWD system. Among those are the successful SUV XC90 and the advanced S60/V70 R cars.
A lot of info and pictures.
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